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Tour De Lafayette -- Special Thanks

The Lafayette—West Lafayette Convention & Visitors Bureau, the City of Lafayette the City of West Lafayette would like to thank the following individuals and groups for their contributions to the Tour de Lafayette project. Thanks to you the project has been a success!

Emanuel “Manny” Cervantes
Kurt Lahrman
Stephen Smith
Steve Clark
Dick Jaeger aka William Digby
Paula Woods
TS Design; Tammy Stanisz
Aimee Jacobsen
Jo Wade
Lisa Morrow
Dennis Carson
Nick Carson
Mike Jones
Brian Bugajski
Beverly Shaw
Jennifer Criblez
Aaron & Eileen Booth
Melissa Prochnau
Don & Sandra Corrigan
Arnie & Jean Cooper
Mary Farrell
Fr. Dan Gartland
John & Karen Mills
Ann Ginda
Jane Turner
Jim & Marifran Mattson
Raymond “Doc” Linville
Michael Kelsey
The Safe & Sound Squad
Megan Green (Bum Ditty Barn Dance Band)
Robert Freeman (Bum Ditty Barn Dance Band)
Scott Greeson
Jeff All
Jim Schrum 
Kevin Ludwig
Danny Weiss
Brent Laidler
Scott Evan Freeman
Michael Lewis & Denise Wilson (Traveler's Dream)
Kathy Atwell
Tippecanoe County Historical Association
Kendall Smith
The Art Museum of Greater Lafayette
Jane Boswell
Bob & Ellie Haan
Dave & Sandy Lahr
The Emporium Dixieland Jazz Band
The Woodstove Flapjacks String Band
Margot Marlatt
The Classical Music Agency
The Idle Flatlands River Band
Nate Pientok
Gordon & Dianne Mork
Brian & Michelle Van Horn
Lisa Solwold
George Benda
Dr. John Christian (Samara)
Charlie & Mary Ann Dye
Dick & Connie Grace
Jim Sondgeroth
Jeff All (Twopenny Hangover)
Pat McClimans (Root Hog)
Scott Pazera
Mary Cook
The Civic Theatre of Greater Lafayette
Stephen Koehler

Lt. Terry Jones
Loeb House Inn Bed & Breakfast
Dick Nagel
Greg Ehresman
S. Rider Construction
Jeff Rider
Neighborhood Action Committee
Michael & Phyllis Hunt
Mayor Tony Roswarski
Mayor John Dennis
Dave Raymer
Tippecanoe Arts Federation
Todd Rush
Timothy George
Tyler Polk
Ian Crook
Christopher Gibson
The Lafayette Symphony Orchestra
Brent Laidler
Brenda Pusey
Appointed Design
Adam Meyer
Ted Bumbleburg
Claudine Laufman
The Columbian Park Zoo
Jordan Banks
Scott Barbeau
Kent Schuette
Billy Brand
Carl & Lynn Griffin
Rob Theodorow
Stormfront Productions
Bill Farner
The Long Center for Performing Arts
The Lafayette Theater
Keith Austin
The Lafayette Citizens Band
Chuck Cutter & Susan Curtis
Greg Emig
James & Joy Roach
Bob & Julie Novak
Julie Ginn
Ben Ross
Joe & Dawn Ogas
Al & Gladys Wright
The John Phillips Sousa Foundation
Mark Scharer
Amy Paget
Garry Chilluffo
Dick Grace
Tommy Kleckner, Mark Dollase Indiana Landmarks
The Tippecanoe County Public Library
Jim & Noriko Keating
Linda Eales
Alexander Vertikoff
National Park Service
Wabash Valley Trust for Historic Preservation and the Residents, Property Owners, and Friends of the featured neighborhoods.

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